#78 vs Madagar #LG28820C
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20th Jun 2016

vs Madagar #LG28820C

DEFEAT 81-83

95.07% - 93.57%

140 perk points

Shocking defeat - what should have been an easy destruction,of,a pretty poor clan, became another defeat by a combination of factors.
Ok we included a untried player that let us down, but this could have been easily contended with if our TH8's had used their brains instead of their ego.
Out pointing them easily at the top - we unforgivably failed to clear 3 TH8 bases (12/15/19).
Time and time again - rushed attacks poor strategy and a complete lack of application and thought cost us dearly.
So more points at the top and a higher percentage destruction was undermined by the rudimentary clearing of lower bases.
Easily the most disappointing and avoidable defeat we have had. 52 attacks and only 22 3 stars.

The clan mail instructions - select a base you can 3 star! Ignored
Take max cc troops - ignored
Ask for help - ignored
Clear enemy cc - ignored 

Failure after failure left the leadership exasperated. 

An easy victory - lost.

Pathetic little spying clan

LOSER = Mehran #2PRQ9JYG0
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C'mon Supercell - last 7 wars 6 TH10 vs TH11
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