#67 vs 3 SAO ĐEN #Y9GUL288 {WW Cheats}
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2nd Jun 2016

vs 3 SAO ĐEN #Y9GUL288

LOSS 54-58

95.25% - 99.50%

115 Perk points

While there was an element of inevitability in this defeat against another SAD war weight manipulating clan, we should have performed better and could have possibly pulled off an unlikely victory. Just to place the war in context - We had five TH9's against a clan featuring 5 standard TH9's in addition to - 4 war weighted TH10's and 4 war weighted TH9's. While the opposition had a significant advantage our failure stemmed from our inability to clear the TH9's they had. 

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<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 02:46
10 Wins from 10 - &^%* this clan
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 14th Nov
indpendent - you doing spelling and engineering wrong !!!!
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
Pathetic Again
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
And your dip queen loses the war so she can get easy 3 stars on a TH10
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
Your TH10 can't beat (63%) a base without inferno's and war weight lower than a mid level TH10
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
When your 'war clan' gets beat by a group of part timers
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
;Perfect again' - LOL
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