#62 vs gladiators 2.0 #2RC9JPQG(lvl10 cheating jer
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19th May 2016

vs gladiators 2.0 #2RC9JPQG(lvl10 cheating jerks)




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So another jerk clan. This time featuring a TH11 and TH9 in relative defenceless mode. TH11, some maxed troops King Queen and the ridiculous warden. Gladiators 2.0 set off at a rapid rate 3 starring the lower bases and stretching out to an impressive lead. We have progressed as a clan and are happy to watch the opposition use up their attacks, it no longer worries or creates pressure for us. With 3/4 of the match gone, we had overhauled their total and began the task of creating a challenging target. Clearing their lower TH's and having dispatched all but two th9's with quite a few attacks remaining  we had reached 81 out of 90 stars and 90 mins left. They and their war weighted members woke up, a mixture of desperate attacks looting and war weighted attempts saw them encroach on our target. Taking another 4 stars from their TH10's (One 3 starred) and the last remaining TH9 cleared we had finished on 87 from a possible 90. A figure we considered unassailable. They finally realised all too late how to war in these battles switching to valks in a desperate late surge, which fell woefully short giving us another clear 87-82 victory. 
Instead of manipulating war weights these clans would be better served maximising and strategising instead of relying on cheating.
And their TH11...couldn't even 3 star a mid ranged TH9 - Pathetic.

Victory for fairplay and defiance
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20th May 2016

Can I like this twice? Really great win over a much heavier clan. Brains over Braun everytime.

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