#42 vs letsgetawin #POYO2Y8P
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10th Apr 2016

vs letsgetawin #POYO2Y8P Level 9 10 win streak

WIN 89-85
380 Perk points

What a war. The result only sealed in the final 10 minutes (though I can hear the 'it's your own d*mn fault' coming from the clan meeting)
Behind for a large part of this war, in some respects to our tactic of allowing everyone to participate and holding the second attacks. As letsgetawin carved through the bases, using various techniques including the queens walk leaving only five bases not cleared. After their th10 gained 2 stars on ours, <Defiance> stepped up, clearing all th9 bases and taking 2 from their TH10. Some very good attacks, some flaws in the target selection, but generally a very good performance to put the last war behind us, against a very strong and accomplished clan. It was also refreshing to see them congratulate us.
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Forum » Forums » <Defiance> War Results
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