<Defiance> General guidelines for war strategy:
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Coordinate your attacks with other members and leaders:


>Unless you have no alternatives or otherwise instructed:

1.Do not attack a base whose town hall level is higher than yours.
2.Do not attack a base whose player has a higher experience rating than yours.
3.Do not attack a base whose player has a higher # than yours.

4.Always select a base you realistically believe you can three star.

5.Always check you have all available troops, all available spells and royalty are awake.

6.Always wait at least 12 hours to use your second attack.
a.We have members from all over the world, so give them a fair chance to participate.
b.Waiting to attack reduces the likely hood of rushed poor attacks.

7.Never attack a base for loot, unless a clan leader has agreed.


1.ALWAYS request and take MAXIMUM level troops and Spells.
2.CHECK your royalty spells and troops are all ready.
3.WATCH previous attacks if there have been any.


1.If the enemy clan castle troops can be lured make sure you do and destroy them before attacking the base.

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10 Wins from 10 - &^%* this clan
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indpendent - you doing spelling and engineering wrong !!!!
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Pathetic Again
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And your dip queen loses the war so she can get easy 3 stars on a TH10
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Your TH10 can't beat (63%) a base without inferno's and war weight lower than a mid level TH10
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When your 'war clan' gets beat by a group of part timers
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;Perfect again' - LOL
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