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As Mark Twain once waxed lyrical:
QuoteIt is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
Unfortunately Roadwarrior is not a student of American literature, or is there a possibility that she may be a little wiser than I give her credit and extent of vanity and ego maybe understated.

So despite some much needed silence from the otherwise belligerent and ungracious roadwarrior we were subject to this little gem
QuoteI wish our matchup were this fair. Suffer through, dude.
in a reddit forum thread:
https://www.reddit.com/r/Clash ... war_matchmaking_has/

Harmless at first view, correct?
All is not as first seems:
So those reading these posts have noticed roadwarrior's prevalence for lightly camouflaged  insinuations that her poor clans travails  are the subject of a supercell conspiracy, though as I've pointed out, she's being a clown. So lets review some elements to enlighten and place in proper perspective the current situation and the mentality and motivations behind the Roadwarrior.

Most people who are subject to a poor run of form with clan wars take one of two options - 
1. Shut-up thus hiding their embarrassment
2. Complain so as to vent their anger, and somehow displace the predicament explaining away that losing isn't really their fault it's supercells

So road has posted this at first sight harmless comment:
Reading further into it, we can see this undermines the OP's insinuations and complaint.
Draws attention to Road and her clan
Suggests the are in someway a victim of the as previously mentioned 'conspiracy'

And why would road draw attention to herself ? I mean having the worst losing streak in the history of the clan and lowest win record isn't something to 'celebrate' BUT what has happened recently that she may want to show off about, but do so in a more discrete manner?
Ahhh...So this comment was placed a few hours after she reached her 2000 war stars....THIS COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE RELATED ?

QuoteCongratulations on 2000war stars achieved by gemming to TH11 dipping on a TH9 causing your clan to lose another war and worse win record in history: Success - Goal achieved.

Let's continue - Since Mrs 1 star has decided to upgrade to TH11 I've been following the results, and the majority of the results are as a direct result of 
a. Her upgrading to TH11
b. Her failures in clan wars
c. Bad war management by HER (she is the damn leader)

The last war, a lose on %, it would be churlish to suggest she should have done better against another TH11, but there are major considerations here.
She chose to goto war a TH11 with none of the other high ranked player included (NO other TH11 No other TH10 and even the higher level TH9 excluded) if the TH9's had been able to clear the opposition TH9's <Defiance> would have won - they didn't. Nothing to do with engineering. Road decided to dip on a clean TH9, without giving any other clan member a chance to clear, or allow herself the option to clear a base that was unable to be cleared. WHY? because she wanted the easy war stars to reach 2000! Bad war management! Bad Planning! Bad Execution!

When Road had upgraded/gemmed to TH11 <defiance> lost 3 wars ALL as a result of her accounts failures either her TH9 or TH11 -  
TH9 failed to clear its target while the TH11 achieved a lesser result than the opposition TH11
Her TH11 failed against their TH10 0 Star 42% and a 56% 1 star on their TH11
Next ok the other team had a number of engineered bases but it wasn't their contribution that swayed the result once again failure against the higher bases while the opposition achieved better results.
The next lose by 5 stars the opposition clan having 1 engineered base in a 30vs war

The constant insinuations and complaints suggesting <Defiance> have a recent war record of just over 50% win receord is the result of engineering is a complete lie. She needs to take responsibility for her  actions and failures as a clan leader NOT blame others.

BTW: As they've prevented Donn from building an Eagle and the racist idiots have not promoted razor (regular contributor/war participator/multiple account holder) let's not be too sympathetic.

Stop talking **** Road.


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