The road to 2000 (J4 vs Road vs Dope of Detroit)
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4th Aug 2017

The road least traveled.

Sometime ago a certain person from a certain clan decided to make a discussion about clan wars, war weights and improving our performance, into a egotistical slight on my abilities. Surprising for many reasons 1. I cannot recall a similar conversation occurring at anytime in the preceding years in any clan with any clan member before. 2. It was as far as I can recall of no consequence or value to the conversation. 3. We both have TH10, TH9, TH8, TH7, TH6 and TH5 bases and despite all these attacking lower than my equivalents - AT NO LEVEL WAS THIS PERSON BEING AS SUCCESSFUL AS I. 
As it appears counterproductive to discuss 'ability' I (we) have always focused on troops used and levels, on base strength and design NEVER on ability.

So it seems pertinent to visit / revisit our relative achievements.
Admittedly said person has always had less war stars than I since we met, (reasons whatever they are, are unimportant) since then I have temporarily retired for over 2 months, had numerous vacations (where unlike some people NO playing COC on holiday is not a  reasonable or desirable activity) and unlike some people I do not need to spend money gemming to achieve my goals. So plenty of opportunity over the years to have closed the gap IF as stated this person is better than I.
So it is somewhat surprising that the gap has not only failed to diminish it has once again begin to grow.


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