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7th Nov 2016

Communication and Gameplay
  Get on the line app! Create a profile id, and look up Road74.
·     Be polite! Don’t be a jerk!! It super simple!
·     Some swearing is allowed but no vulgar language needed. 
·     Keep a positive attitude towards all members, and keep criticism constructive
·     No modding or 3 rd  party software of any kind! This is a fair play clan. You will get us ALL banned.
·     Max your base before moving up to the next town hall. This includes walls, heroes, and troops! Ask a Co for how to proceed.
·     If you see a problem in game, or if you need war troops, get on the Line app and let us know.
·     If you are being bullied, or talked to inappropriately, in game or Line app, let the leader know. Cyber bulling will not be allowed here.
·     Leader and Co’s fill war castles only!
·     While there is no donation  minimum required, we ask that you donate regularly and that your ratio not be completely lopsided
·     Farming/Defense requests can be for any troop, however, you must accept any lvl, so that everyone can help to donate
·     Please respect troop requests! If you don’t have the troop, don’t donate! Easy right?
·      When asking for war troops, please ask for specific MAX troops and say that they are for war.

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<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 02:46
10 Wins from 10 - &^%* this clan
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 14th Nov
indpendent - you doing spelling and engineering wrong !!!!
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
Pathetic Again
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
And your dip queen loses the war so she can get easy 3 stars on a TH10
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
Your TH10 can't beat (63%) a base without inferno's and war weight lower than a mid level TH10
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
When your 'war clan' gets beat by a group of part timers
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
;Perfect again' - LOL
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