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17th Jun 2017


Came across some former members:
Tehra, Techrai, Nora etcc... now residing in a clan called smart camp.
They left after disagreement over engineering.

Smart Camp # CPPRJUG is a feeder clan for Just Ordinary. Both are overt Engineering Clans so they appear to have found an appropriate home.
Though I guess they could........... oh nevermind.
Don't agree with Engineering, but at least they are honest about it.

Just Ordinary(# 9QR2P9VP)
War Record: Wins – 370 / Losses – 27 / Draws – 5 / War Win Rate – 93%
Clan Tag: # 9QR2P9VP Highest War Win Streak – 65 / Level 13 Clan
Accepts X.5 Bases as well as engineered bases
/ we have a feeder clan H.A.T.E (# CJR0RLP)
To join our clan, have to join feeder (level 8) first before you can join main clan. Also in feed warring with one hero down is allowed

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<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 02:46
10 Wins from 10 - &^%* this clan
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 14th Nov
indpendent - you doing spelling and engineering wrong !!!!
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
Pathetic Again
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
And your dip queen loses the war so she can get easy 3 stars on a TH10
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
Your TH10 can't beat (63%) a base without inferno's and war weight lower than a mid level TH10
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
When your 'war clan' gets beat by a group of part timers
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 12th Nov
;Perfect again' - LOL
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