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7th Nov 2016

Can I be an elder or a co?   No. Donations, war record, and activity level will be considered in all promotions…Quit asking, before you get the BOOT!
Can I be in war? Quickest way to get in to war, is to get on the Line app. Chat, donate, show the leaders you are active.
I can’t gain a star on any of the bases left in war, and/or we are winning, can I loot? No. It’s not fair to everyone else that cooked 2 full armies and participated in war. Attack a base with in your TH lvl. Both attacks are still required
Can I farm or trophy push? Yes. We do not care if you farm or push. However, keep in mind that we suggest you spend your farming loot on your troops and walls first. Then work on your defenses.
I used up all my elixir right before war and I can only afford a barch army, is this ok? NO. Be prepared for war. No exceptions.
Can I bring in my friend or second account? Yes. However we are not excepting th11s or th10s at this time. We also are not excepting any rushed, or mini/max bases. Get a co-leader to ok the new member.

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