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6th Nov 2017

So there's this:
Cry Lie Bye

QuoteMy hopes for a merger…is to make this sister clan active again. Omega is a sister clan of <Defiance>#Q2ULGL8V, which is lvl 12. I simply don't have the time to manage both clans. Hoping to find someone with active, reliable members, just starting out that would like to benefit from more clan perks...and a pretty grt war record. 207-18-23.
What I’m looking for. A leader. I need someone to lead a war clan, be strong with rules, and already have at least 8-10 loyal people ready to war. I need someone dedicated to Clash, war, recruiting, and so forth. Must be willing to use Discord. Must be available to coordinate war. NO engineers. NONE.
What you will receive. Instant Co-Leader and access to the discord server. Freedom to recruit and start wars whenever you see fit. Please message me with any other questions you may have.
So as we have all witnessed over the last six months or so, Road's predilection for ....being economical with the truth (lying twerp) is demonstrated once again. Skipping over some of the more speculative comments:

a. So the loitering in Omega, making asinine and untruthful comments in an attempt to gain control of Omega, was for what reason ?
b. Despite 'loving this clan' and them being 'supportive' appears their abilities don't extend to running this clan while I could apparently do so on my own.
c. Guessing your new members and the old admins are NOT 'active' / 'reliable' / dedicated' or competent.
d. 'be strong with rules' seriously - would not know where to start with this, though I did laugh. 'Cause the last time you commented people could basically do what they wanted because 'they gave you grief'
e. So not time to press the start war button - but can raid 400 times a month - ummmmm

So the war record - apparently : 207-18-23.
Yeah......let's just review that should we:
Impressive? Well, I guess better than <defiance> anyway.
As practically everyone that was responsible for the early (more impressive) war record has left, combined with the fact that for the last 12 months ish has been an engineering clan (let's skip past the fact a modder was co leader there for a while) so how is it that roadwarrior74coc advertises the impressive war record while insisting that NO engineers. NONE.
So while overseeing and encouraging the <defiance>Omega clan into engineering she now considers it appropriate to advertise a clan using its compromised clan war record while hypocritically stating that she does not want engineers in the clan...though as the advert states the new members will have freedom to recruit 'you see fit' guess it won't be down to her declining and hypocritical standards.

<Semper.Fi>   >   <Defiance>Omega   >  <Defiance>      

- better war record / less idiots / NO engineers / NO modders

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Joined: 30th Sep 2015
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20th Oct 2018

<Semper.Fi> has now equalled <Defiance> Omega War win record of 226.

Doing so in 43 FEWER wars.

No Engineering No cheating No mod users!

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