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All Co’s and elders will be expected to be on line and registered at the website. No exceptions.
Cos/elders will be expected to set an example by requesting and donating appropriately.
Elder positions may be considered after 20 wars have been participated in, and will be granted by a majority vote from Co’s.
Elders will be expected to:
·     Help members choose appropriate bases to hit for war
·     Get new members on line, and help them understand the rules
·     Assist Co’s/Leader with any potential issues that may arise
·     Use chain of command. Talk with Co’s to sort out problems in game. Do not blow up the leaders phone over petty BS!
Co positions will be held for adults only, and at a unanimous vote from all Co’s.
Co’s will be expected to:
·     Help kick out the riff raff when flood gates are opened.
·     Help w war button pushing when needed
·     Helping members w war strategies
·     Scouting new members war bases, and help them w any design flaws
·     Direct war attacks and determining when its ok to practice
·     Resolving clan conflicts if/when they arise. Put out the fire before it spreads!
·     If you demote an elder, you are responsible for his re-promotion. (see below)
·     Co’s WILL back each other. If you have an issue w another co, take it out of game, and deal w it rationally. (you know, like adults?)

Elder demotions, should be based upon a direct breaking of the rules, or abuse of their powers (Being annoyed by an elder is not cause enough) Elders may gain back their status after one week, if they have been following the rules again.

Co’s that knowingly break the rules, or abuse their power (especially towards anyone else in the clan) will be demoted permanently. They can remain at elder status, as long as they abide by the clan rules moving forward
No kicking if the member is in war! There will be very few exceptions to this! Line the leader if there is a problem.


Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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