Clan Desperate: PLEASE HELP!!!
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17th Jul 2018

So there appears to be a clan who desperately needs help supplying some TH11's with Siege Weapons, so please pass on the info: ... lan_th12_needed_not/

Ignore the grammar issues - I think it means the player is not required to war, but happy to contribute on the social side and farming, rather than what it actually says.
In addition to the apparent shock news that DONN has left the self declared peaceful wondrous haven that is <defiance> what would lead somebody to abandon such an idyllic setting.What with the leader resigning as well - WOW what a happy camp that sounds. Might need to dig out some DM's. 
Shame I was apparently the only Clan leader in COC history to be kicked from the clan (from what I've read) or I could have sent mine.


It's ok people the world is saved everything is ok again - the chaos has becalmed and DONN has returned; seems 3 star TH11 attacks on TH10's are still a possibility DONN has returned.

You try and help people and this is what they do for you.


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17th Jul 2018
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6th Dec 2018

The moment you realize that your war clan is in trouble -

Nobody wants to war with YOU.
YOU have a large clan but small wars
75% of your participants are actually 2 people and one of them is YOU!
The guy YOU think is rubbish is actually better than YOU.
(Well done DONN at least I had confidence in you)

Oh dear oh dear where did it all go wrong????

When is became about YOU!

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