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11th Feb 2016

Builder’s huts CAN be idle!
You know that thrilling feeling of upgrading to the next TH and seeing all that great new stuff in the shop?? Me too! But, STOP! For a moment. And please think about what you are doing to your clans war weight.

Just plopping down random wiz towers and new mortars sounds great, but it takes about 200 days at TH9 to upgrade all of your troops in the lab. It takes one random x-bow purchase to rocket yourself up the ladder in war. While that sounds great and powerful, you can now easily be miles away from being able to 3 star your selected targets.

Upgrade your clan castle and your camps. Get your spell factories going, and your heroes. Start planning which troops you need to focus on. Most importantly, work on your walls!! Remind your self that it is MORE then ok to let some of your builders go idle. I watch, all to often, my clan mates go on farming sprees to keep those builders working long in to the night. It is just not necessary.

In the end you will be racing to nowhere. You will have rushed all your defenses, and still have plenty of troop upgrades left to do. You will probably not be 3 starring all of your targets, you will have low heroes, and your walls will take you FOREVER to finish.

Give your builders a break. Your clan will thank you for it.

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