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War Schedule
We war constantly. We will try to keep the war searches to 7-11 pm UK time(GMT). If need be, we will wait half a day to get back on schedule.
War rules and strategies
·      Always coordinate your attacks, and read the chat! Make sure you are not attacking a base that has already been called
·      Every member must use both attacks in war.   If you expect the top THs to attack 2x, you will too.
·      Use your second attack after 12 hours, to assure every one has a chance and that you don’t rush it
When selecting a base to attack;
·      Never attack higher then your experience level
·      Never attack higher then your own number
·      Never attack higher then your town hall
·      Attack a base that you feel you can realistically 3 star
If you are going to call a base be ready to attack it. Armies take approx. 30 mins now to cook, we will not wait forever!  
If there is no base left to 3 star in your TH level, or below, you may do a practice attack.
Make sure you request for specific war troops, and give us enough time to make them. You can ask for troops on line, but, DO NOT SPAM IT!
Always double check that you have all troops, spells, royals, and cc troops before going into battle
No Looting. Ever. Go ahead and ask me why!
You must use a war army. No barching or GOWIPE BS armies allowed .
Repeated failure to adhere to these war rules, can, at the discretion of the co’s, get you kicked
Opting in/out
Members are expected to participate in most wars. If you are upgrading either royals or a spell factory you must opt out. If you will be gone on vacation please opt out and let a co-leader know. If co’s feel you are not participating enough you may be asked to leave the clan

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