A COWARD for a clan leader!
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12th Mar 2018

What can only be described as a rank act of embarrassing self indulgent cowardice Roadwarrior has plumbed new depths of  pathetic behaviour:

Screenshot 1:
Blowout War: 70 - 58
Opposition has failed to achieve any stars against the <Defiance> #Q2ULGL8V TH11's and dropping stars against the TH10's it is impossible for <Defiance> to lose:
Roadwarrior #UP0QUQC8 having already dipped her first attack, because she refuses to cover the #1 player, and wants easy stars, dips her 2nd attack, Donn the #1 player having already failed to clear the opposition top 2 bases only achieving 2 x 1 star gains. Having opportunity to both gain stars AND badly needed experience to halt a series of shocking performances against her own level bases, chose to ignore this opportunity to attack as a TH11 with almost maxed troops dips on a mid tier TH9!!!!!!! Seriously !!!! A TH11 dipping a TH9 !!!!!!!
You wonder why she sucks so much?! Bet she's so happy SC gave her a power potion to help her 3 star mid level TH9's - LOL!!!!!!

Score Sheet 

Dip - THIS far!

Roads base and troops #UP0QUQC8

Targets base and troops

Bloody embarrassing as a player and a clan, this is the 2nd time we've seen TH11 dipping to TH9's with numerous maxed TH9's and TH10's in the wars.

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Joined: 30th Sep 2015
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12th Nov 2018

Just leaving this here:

Not even strategic: 57 - 30 blowout war

Anybody remeber the road rants saying how awesome she was, and how crap I was????


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