[ˈsɛm.pɛr fɪˈdeː.lɪs]
This site is NO longer associated with the *NOW* modding and engineering clans <Defiance> & <Defiance> Omega  #Q2ULGL8V #LR28GRLJ
"Quite Good": 
ex <Defiance> Clan member
#1 TH10 rated player
#1 & #2 TH9 rated player
#1 TH8 rated player
#1 Overall rated player
<Defiance> Leader - War Record 126W-17L - 88%
<Defiance> Roadwarrior Leadership - War Record 155W -62L -  71% 
(After kicking what she regards as her weakest player, intimidating DONN from wars (highest base value), according to Road 'can barely 1 star TH10's', accepting mod users and engineers - LOL)
<Semper.Fi> War Record - 94% Win percentage

<Adult War Clan>
+ A Fairplay clan +
++Perfect Wars 31++
#120 Ranked TH10 In the World 
<Respect the game - No modders No 'ex' modders No Engineering - Support Fairplay>
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5 days ago <Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 uploaded photos to the gallery Big Star War
13th Oct <Defiance> admin-j4n1n3
When #123 World Ranked TH10 meets #61 - there can only be one! Perfected no win 557 for you.
2nd Oct <Defiance> admin-j4n1n3
#20UVLGJ0G Another Useless Chinese Engineering Clan - take your draw, saddos. You would've lost without those TH11 troops. TH11 vs TH10 thx again supercell
19th Sep <Defiance> admin-j4n1n3
Red Eyez Berlin - Another Engineering Clan - #8VLY0Q2L
LVL 11 Clan with TH12's & TH11's not warring - 1x Max TH10 3x Engineered TH9
Gems TH10 to TH11 Gems Lab to LVL 9 Cooks TH10 army + Power potion (thx Supercell)
Gems TH9 to TH10 Gems Lab to LVL 8 Cooks TH9 army + Power potion (thx again Supercell)
So now fighting against 1 TH11 1 TH10 and 2 TH9's with Max troops and Max donators - Nice Balance.
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26th Aug <Defiance> admin-j4n1n3
#URQUPG98 Take your draw you useless Engineering Clan.
@supercell stop matching TH10's with TH11's FHS - You know the hit rate of a TH11 dipping on TH10 - Any clown can do that!
22nd Jul <Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 created a new topic JERK CLAN: WAR MACHINE #20V9YL82U
CLAN: WAR MACHINE TAG:  #20V9YL82U IDIOT MEMBER: Rafa magalhaes #L2RP8VGU Reaso...
17th Jul <Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 created a new topic Clan Desperate: PLEASE HELP!!!
So there appears to be a clan who desperately needs help supplying some TH11's w...
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<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 18th Oct
Triple perfect - w/o max troops -well done clan.
<Defiance> admin-j4n1n3 17th Oct
she keeps dipping, we keep winning.
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